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Welcome to Ecoways Consulting Ltd.

The aim of Ecoways Consulting Limited is to create sustainable built environments. The focus of the consultancy is not only on projects aimed at making buildings energy efficient, but also to address the wider aspects of sustainability like materials and water resource use in buildings, construction waste management, life cycle analysis of the impact of building components and materials and disseminating this information to professionals around the world through Green Building Education courses and programmes.

Education Resources

Download US Green Building Council accredited LEED Continuing Education courses for credential maintenance

Green Certification

LEED accredited professional to guide and manage certification process for new constructions and renovations of existing buildings.

Feasibility studies

Comparison of project green building solutions against the frameworks provided by LEED, HK-BEAM, ECBC and other certification systems.

Simulation Studies

Accredited Domestic and Commercial Energy Assessor in UK to produce Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates for Public Buildings.

Green Design

Energy efficiency advice for eco-renovations to improve energy performance of existing buildings and facilities, and design for environmentally friendly building projects.

Solar PV

Generate an income from the sun by having a Solar PV system installed. Solar PV systems utilise the sun's free potential energy and use photovoltaic (PV) cell technology to turn the sunlight into useable electricity, which in-turn can be used in a domestic capacity to run lighting systems and regular household appliances.

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